Studies using Ohio Department of Education Data to Compare Ohio School Districts' Financial and Academic Performance

How does YOUR district compare?

Contact K-12 Consulting through their website, to find out more about a report which can be generated for your district. 

These reports provide historical trends of the extent to which each district has contained costs and/or has been able to justify expenditure increases by achieving commensurate performance improvement.

We are now proud to offer these reports to school districts through K-12 Consulting, a premier education consulting firm which provides a wealth of services to assist school board management in building better schools.  In addition to providing historical comparisons with "Similar Districts," these reports also provide comparisons with "Peer Districts" specified by the management of each district.

School district boards, administrators, and staff are accountable to students, parents, and taxpayers for providing a quality education while practicing good stewardship of taxpayer funds.  Both have been a challenge.  Near- and long-term anticipated budget deficits have resulted in districts asking for additional funding from resident-taxpayers and/or implementing cost reduction measures subject to the terms stipulated in bargaining contracts.

With household finances being tight as a result of a lackluster economy (during the 2001-2017 timeframe, median resident income rose 25%, not even keeping pace with inflation at 30%), taxpayers have been reluctant to contribute more to schools, whose per pupil expenditures have risen 49% during that period.

Since 2001, we have provided districts with reports which present their historical financial and performance data, comparing districts with those of their ODE-designated "Similar Districts." 

ODE 2018 Numbers are Up ... FY 2018 Trend Studies are in Process