About Us

ODE 2018 Numbers are Up -- FY 2018 Trend Studies are in Process

Since 2010, Compare Ohio Schools, LLC has been analyzing financial and performance data for all 608+ public Ohio school districts, sourcing data from ODE, the Ohio Department of Taxation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the College Board.

Districts around Ohio vary tremendously in their performance and in the amount of money they spend on each student.  The reports and studies developed through this time have sought to compare the districts using State and Similar District benchmarks.

In the 2017 studies, we incorporated comparisons with Peer Districts, and offer these reports through K-12 Business Consulting, Inc, a premier school district consulting firm.

These reports can serve as the starting point for conversation among board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and taxpayers for addressing district finance while maximizing student outcomes.

Heading up the team is Vicki Kerman, a parent of two kids in college.  Vicki was on the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education from 2013-2017 and in 2016 formed The Cardington-Lincoln Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting the district's students in achieving academic success.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering (Princeton University), and Master's degrees in Business Administration - Finance (Temple University), Early Childhood Special Education (The Ohio State University), and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Ministry (Methodist Theological Seminary of Ohio).  

She spent her 25 of her 40-year career in basic research and engineering, market research and planning, strategic planning, product management, and sales for both Fortune 50 companies and incubator businesses, and for nearly 15 years, she owned a company which installed bar code systems throughout the state of Ohio.  She brings to school districts a business focus, one which seeks to help districts improve their effectiveness and efficiency in providing the best possible education for students who are entrusted to school districts' care.