data sources

ODE 2018 Numbers are Up ... FY 2018 Trend Studies are in Process‚Äč

1.   2008 through 2015 District Personnel Salaries.  The Ohio Treasurer has downloadable spreadsheets which provide school employee salary data for the past eight years.

Employee salary data broken down by district are available on the "District Salaries" page of this website.

2.  District Teacher and Administration Salaries.  The Buckeye Institute has compiled these data, all derived from the State Treasurer's data.  Teacher and administrator salaries are available for every district for the last twelve years.  The last year for which these are available is 2013.

3.  Teacher and Classified Personnel Contracts.  The Ohio State Employment Relations Board maintains online copies of all negotiated district teacher and classified personnel contracts.

4.  District Report Cards

5.  School District Tax Data (Property, Resident Income)

6.  Ohio SERB 2016 Health Insurance Survey

7.  Teacher Salary Data, 2001 to Present.  Downloadable Excel files with base and step data for each school district.  Maintained by Ohio Education Association.

8.  District Profile (Cupp) Reports.  Profile data for each district, maintained by ODE.

9.  District Five Year Forecasts.  Five-Year Forecasts for all districts.  Maintained by ODE.

10.  Financial and Performance Audits.  Access the search of Financial and Performance Audits carried out by the Auditor of State.  Select "School" in the pull-down menu for "Entity Type" and "Performance Audit" under "Report Description."

11.  Ohio Higher Education Reports.  Maintained by the Ohio Board of Regents.  Reports on college readiness, degrees, enrollment and more.