2015 District Staff Salaries

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Note that these are just salary numbers.  They do not include benefits such as bonuses, annuities, cellphone or car allowances, education stipends, retirement benefits, nor health insurance which is paid for by the district.

All of the numbers in these reports come from ODE and are posted on the Treasurer of State's website (http://www.tos.ohio.gov/Teacher_salary)

A Note 

There are roughly 20 districts for which minimal salary data are available.  The districts did not report the salaries to ODE and are not available in ODE's EMIS (Employee Management Information System).  To find out salaries for your district, talk with your district's treasurer.  All of this information is considered to be discoverable through a Public Records Request.

FY 2015 District Salaries

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District Salaries

Choose the Ohio school district for which you would like to see the district's salaries as submitted to ODE. An Excel spreadsheet for the district downloads.