FY 2018 Trend Comparison Studies

ODE 2018 Numbers are Up ... FY 2018 Trend Studies are in Process‚Äč

ODE has just released its 2018 data.  FY 2018 District Trend Comparison Studies are being processed.  

These studies, tailored for each district, provide historical financial and performance data, and compare a district's trend with that of its ODE-specified "Similar Districts," and up to ten "Peer Districts" selected by district management.

Included are:

1. A district's fiscal health as represented by its ending cash balance and True Days Cash, derived from the district's most recent Five Year Forecast,

2. Historical trends in per pupil revenue and expenditure data,

3. Management's best estimate of how the district's financial picture is likely to unfold over the next five years with respect to salaries and benefits growth,

4. Historical average teacher salary and median resident income growth,

5. Measures of "Return on Investment," as represented by selected ODE Report Card measures divided by the district's Expenditures Per Pupil (EPP), and

6.Student performance measures resulting from the standardized tests administered yearly and which appear on ODE's Report Card.

You can download a report for an example district by clicking here.